Here’s what President Zuma has spoken about the most in his 10 SONAs

Education, infrastructure development and social cohesion/nation building are the three subjects South Africa’s President Jacob has spoken about the most in his state of the nation addresses (SONAs) since 2009. The speech he¬†delivered in South Africa’s parliament on Thursday February 9, after the chaos had subsided, was his tenth since he took office in 2009.¬†I’ve […]

The ANC has lost nearly half-a-million members. Or has it? And will that matter in the 2016 election?

In brief: Even though membership has taken a dive since the high of the 2012 centenary celebrations, there are still 24% more members in 2015 than than there were in 2007. The party also has more members now than it did before the last local government elections in 2011. Only the Free State and the […]