Power changes: Which parties are in charge of SA’s metros after the local government elections

Up until August 3, the day of the 2016 local government elections, the African National Congress had a controlling share of the council seats in all but one of the eight big metropolitan municipalities. The City of Cape Town was run by the Democratic Alliance. The DA has bagged the most votes in two more metros, Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane, a sign that the ANC’s grip in the country’s cities is slipping.

The party retained control of Ethekwini, Mangaung and Buffalo City metros, but with a reduced percentage of the total vote. It won the majority of votes in the City of Joburg and Ekurhuleni, but it has dropped below the 50% mark for the first time and it no longer has outright control of the councils. (Read this useful explainer by Daily Vox on how coalitions in municipal councils work)

See what the metro councils looked like before and after the 2016 elections and how the votes won by the main parties have changed since 2011 in a series of infographics.

You can click on a link to take you directly to a metro or scroll down the page.

City of Joburg
City of Cape Town
Nelson Mandela Bay
Buffalo City

Main picture: South Africans show off the ink on their thumbs after voting in the local government elections on August 3 2016. Photo: GCIS

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